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Our clients are innovative, mission-driven companies that are working to create a better world. In order to be successful, they need smart, driven, passionate people and they rely on us to find them. Bringing talent to mission-driven companies is how we contribute to a sustainable world.


Our Client Companies

Here are just a few of the innovative companies that have chosen us to support them in their hiring process.


Highly effective, high-integrity...
In contrast to our less-than-satisfactory experiences with other recruiters in the past, The Berkner Group has provided our technology consulting firm with a steady stream of world-class talent. Our standards are extremely high, but Chris and his team have consistently risen to the challenge. We’ve made four key Director-level hires through them so far (with backgrounds in business development, engineering, project management and finance), and we’re looking forward to continuing the relationship as we grow.

 Stephen Empedocles
CEO, Clark street Associates


Key positions to help drive success.

It could be a VP of Engineering, essential to getting another round of funding; a Sales Executive, key to meeting year-end goals; or a Project Manager, crucial to finishing an important project. Berkner Group can help you find the pivotal positions you need to drive success.


You will feel the impact of a great hire.

While we excel at finding talented candidates, our clients tell us that new hires from Berkner Group candidates not only exceed initial expectations, but as they grow with our client companies, they become essential to those organizations.


Chris was an amazing partner when I went looking for that critical 2nd hire on my mission-driven team. Although it was legitimately a unicorn role at the time, he provided me with a consistent stream of viable candidates and was always eager to receive feedback that allowed him to course correct. He was patient while I held the bar extremely high, which allowed me to find just the right candidate -- someone that has proven an incredible fit over the past two years.

 Bob Zoller, Founding Engineer at Good Eggs

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