Companies doing great work need great people. And finding them is challenging, time-consuming and difficult to outsource. We understand our clients' needs. They trust us to handle the entire search process, so they can focus on their business.

Our six-step approach


Clarify the Vision

In order to find the right candidates, we need to have a full understanding of your business and its needs. This includes your vision, company culture and capabilities as well as the performance objectives for the position you are seeking to fill. This step results in a scorecard that will be used (and revised) throughout the rest of the recruiting process. We thus avoid being unduly influenced by candidates who happen to be good at interviewing, and ensure that the best possible candidates are selected.



We hit the ground running. Our first step is to establish a comprehensive strategy, tapping our network of over 105,000 industry contacts and leveraging our team of 20 highly trained researchers. Our team executes a proprietary, software-enabled research process to quickly build a prolific list of highly qualified leads.

After one week, we circle back to present our initial target list and further refine our understanding of your preferences.


Recruit and Assess

Armed with insights from Step 1, we follow best practices to engage and assess the best candidates available. Using performance-based interviewing, we evaluate candidates’ skills, track record, interpersonal communication and fit with your corporate culture.

Typical interview steps include a 60-minute checklist-style phone call followed by a one- or two-hour in-person or video call focused on gauging the candidate’s complete career, accomplishments, strengths, weaknesses and character.



As we identify best-fit candidates, we provide our clients with a balanced, high-level summary of each.  Clients decide which candidates they want to meet, and we help coordinate the details.  



We provide market-based guidance during the negotiation period to ensure the right candidate gets hired at the right compensation level.



The Berkner Group strives to create long-lasting, successful work relationships that help mission-driven companies achieve their objectives. Because of this, we regularly follow up to ensure that our referrals are thriving in their new roles. To date, we are proud that our clients have deemed 95% of our referred candidates to be successful in their new roles.


Our Guiding Principles


Integrity and Trust

Trust and transparency form the foundation of our working relationships with our clients.  We believe in building relationships that last. We recognize that our clients' success depends upon employing the right people with deep enthusiasm for our clients' mission-driven values.



We support businesses that are creating a healthier and more sustainable world. We help employers find the most capable, well-suited candidates to help realize your mission. We help candidates find career opportunities where they can make a difference. 


Emotional Intelligence

We work with both hiring managers and candidates that exhibit a high level of emotional and interpersonal intelligence. (Because life is too short for dysfunctional relationships.)


Beginning with a rigorous pre-screening, we accelerate the hiring process by thoroughly understanding our clients’ business, culture and priorities, and by leveraging our proprietary people-and-software-driven process. We typically present 3-4 or more highly attractive candidates within 3-5 weeks.



As an ex-CEO and engineer, Chris Berkner knows first-hand what it means to build a team and how to connect passionate engineers and executives with companies looking to change the world.   Chris works personally with his clients, developing long-term relationships based on trust, transparency and collaboration. 


“One of my biggest challenges working in an energy storage startup is growing the team. We have to find just the right talent to meet critical team needs, but with limited time and resources, we can’t afford to get it wrong. I’ve worked with Chris and team at The Berkner Group to fill several key software and controls positions. Oftentimes we don’t know exactly what skillsets we’re looking for, so they present a variety of candidates and really listen to our needs to hone the search. They adapt to our recruiting process, accommodating screening questions, scheduling, and our preferred ATS. They’re highly responsive, flexible, and reliable. What’s most compelling is that long after the cost cap has been reached on a tough search, they continue to provide high-quality results and don’t stop until we make the hire. I highly recommend working with Chris to find excellent talent.”

— Nikhil Saralkar, VP Engineering at Axiom Exergy