We work tirelessly to bring together bright and talented people

with the companies that need them.




Chris Berkner,


Founder and CEO


Chris was formerly Co-founder and Managing Director of One Earth Capital, an early stage cleantech fund that invested tens of millions of dollars in various cleantech startups (including Marrone Bio, which went public on NASDAQ in 2014).

From 2009 to 2012 he was CEO of PureSense, a 50-person cleantech hardware and software company that helped hundreds of large farms save billions of gallons of water while participating in demand response programs with PG&E and SoCal Edison.

In his more distant past, Chris was VP of Software at an internet startup, did research on solar nanotechnology at Stanford, and taught karate to kids and adults. In his spare time, Chris enjoys hiking, yoga and playing music.


Jason Holt


Executive Search Consultant


Hybrid "hardtech" investor/entrepreneur, interested in solving society's big problems through the commercialization of fundamental science innovations. Skills include: business plan formulation/evaluation, team building, venture and government financing, IP strategy, market and financial analysis, product development, and strategic partnering. Related activities include: diligence to government agencies on energy, water, and advanced materials technologies; invited talks on nanotechnology and entrepreneurship; serving on PhD thesis committee (MIT); startup mentoring and business plan competition advising; quoted in leading technology publications such as Venture Beat and MIT Tech Review. Recognized by the Kauffman Foundation as one of two Emerging Entrepreneurs of the Year in 2011. Member of the 2012 Society of Kaufman Fellows cohort.


Roxanne Quane


Search Consultant


Roxanne brings seven years of technical and professional recruiting experience to The Berkner Group. Prior to joining The Berkner Group, she was a professional and technical recruiter at Aerotek. Her warm and organized approach puts candidates at ease and lets her identify the strengths and weakness of each candidate clearly. Working closely with our clients and our research team, she brings top talent to the table and helps get the right folks on board.


Andrew Morton


Sourcing and Operations Manager


Andrew's six years of recruiting and sourcing experience enable him to expertly guide The Berkner Group's research team to find the best target candidates quickly. He works cooperatively with our clients to understand the finer nuances of every search, leading to superior results in record time.



Berkner Group’s team leads are supported by 12 full-time researchers equipped with cutting-edge technology. Almost all of our team members have engineering or business degrees and deep experience with web research. We are able to quickly complete difficult searches by leveraging our strong network of top talent and utilizing our own proprietary people-and-software-driven process.



Justin Raade, Ph.D.


Energy Storage


Dr. Justin Raade is the President of Justin Raade Energy Consulting. He works with various clients in the energy sector, taking their core technology and sculpting products that solve commercial needs. His specialties include energy storage systems, engineering design and analysis, and business strategy. Dr. Raade was previously the CEO and Founder of Halotechnics, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high temperature molten salt energy storage systems. He was the Principal Investigator on $9 million in federal R&D contracts and has secured private investment and corporate research funding while at Halotechnics. Previously at Symyx Technologies Dr. Raade developed breakthrough methodology for rapid synthesis, screening, and characterization of molten salt materials. Dr. Raade received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship to support his doctoral research in Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. His work there focused on applied thermodynamics and energy storage with hybrid systems using fuel cells and lithium polymer batteries. He has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Dan Matthews


Ruby on Rails and Front-End Development


Dan has been developing applications of all sizes in Ruby on Rails and various JavaScript frameworks (currently preferring AngularJS) since late 2005. At his software consultancy, Bluefocus, he provides project management, development, candidate screening and executive level services. Prior to founding Bluefocus, he was the VP of Software Development at a VC backed startup in NYC. He also worked extensively with small businesses prior to the 2008 market crash. For the last 5 years, roughly 80% of his day has been spent developing large scale applications, with a 20% focus on management. He has conducted several hundred technical interviews and hired over 60 developers for various companies and projects.


Cory Bloome


Mechanical Engineering & Design


Cory is President of Enth Design LLC, a mechanical design consulting firm in San Francisco. He has engineered innovative products and experiences since 1998, working on a variety of projects including multi-ton 5-axis robots, ultra-affordable durable wheelchairs for the third world, unmanned air vehicles and ice cream machines. He holds a Masters in Product Design Engineering from Stanford University.


Josh Cooper, CPA


Financial Strategy and Accounting


Joshua Cooper received his Master's degree in accounting from the Fisher School of Accounting at the University of Florida. He went on to become a CPA and founded several start-up companies including the non-profit sector. Joshua is founder and president of Tax Lovin an accounting company dedicated to educating clients in tax realeted issues. Joshua has a passion for Yoga and has implemented the concepts of balance and focus into his accounting practice. Joshua helps implement strategies with business owners and investors on entity formations, financial statement presentation for multiple end-users, and acquisition and valuation techniques. He has written several articles about the healthy ways to approach accounting for individuals as well as corporations and teaches accounting techniques and seminars to business owners in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Michelle Olsen, CPCC


Career Transition Coaching


Michelle is the founder and principal coach at GreenLight, a coaching company focused on helping people find career purpose. She is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) and has a Master's degree in Organizational Psychology. Michelle helps busy people find clarity and purpose and assists in taking action during career transitions. She is a fierce advocate for more purpose driven work in this world. Michelle had a 12-year corporate career in sales before making her own soul satisfying career change 9 years ago. You can often find Michelle reading books on motivation, habit, purpose, psychology, spirituality, and leadership. She is also the proud mom of two young children.